The pharmaceutical industry is a national industry!

The Korean pharmaceutical industry is a social safety net
that protects the lives and health of the people.
It is a new growth engine that contributes to national economic development.

KPBMA leads the paradigm of new drug development

The development of new drugs takes 14 years and costs $2.5 billion.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) reduces the time and cost of developing new drugs to about one-sixth.
In February 2018, the KPBMA launched the AI Drug Development Support Center.
We are preparing the future of new drug development!

K-PHARM goes all over the world

The Korean pharmaceutical industry has accumulated R&D capabilities
for over 30 years in the new drug wasteland.
Now, the project is beginning to show results.

'Export of Korean medicines to 188 countries around the world'
'Birth of the 29th domestic development drug.'
‘Global pharmaceutical powerhouse’ is no longer a dream.


K-Pharm Story

R&D Reinforcement A continued increase in R&D investment (9.1% of sales invested) More than 900 new drugs on the pipeline stage

The Korean pharmaceutical industry continues to expand its investment in R&D each year to boost the development of new medicines. Korean pharmaceutical companies have more than 900 new medicines currently in the pipeline and this number accounts for 4% of the total pipelines in the world.

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Biopharmaceuticals Developed the world's first stem-cell therapy product Producing four of seven globally commercialized stem-cell therapy products

Korea is rising as a global biopharmaceutical power based on its outstanding biotechnology infrastructure, advanced clinical study, and world-class IT technology.

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Globalization Exports reaching USD 3.1 billion Increased export of technology transfer

The Korean pharmaceutical industry is advancing into the world in earnest as evidenced by its increasing export of finished products, drug substances, and technology.
The total exports of pharmaceutical products sold in 188 countries in 2016 stand at USD 3.12 billion, a 6% increase from the previous year. As for the technology transfer, 8 cases of technology exports were made in 2017 alone which amounts to USD 1.23 billion.

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